Bar Stock Count and Analysis

We know from our years of experience working side by side with hospitality businesses that the average alcoholic stock loss within the industry is a staggering 10 to 15%. We know this stems from a range of issues including over pouring, free pours, giveaways, incorrect deliveries, carelessness, inaccurate charging and even outright theft. By implementing the Bar-Pro Systems stocktaking system we expect a client’s shrinkage to be within 2% and in many cases less than 1% meaning that revenues and profits are maximized.

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What We Do

Bar-Pro Systems process has been refined over many years and thousands of stocktake assessments. We know there are four crucial steps that will give our clients the knowledge and information to protect their stock and cash and achieve more PROFIT.

• Our experienced auditors visit our clients business once a week at a consistent time that is convenient. They count, weigh and measure every item of stock.

• Our advanced software compares this count from the previous weeks count down to every ml or shot. Purchases are entered and cost prices updated.

• This actual consumed stock is compared against POS data to identify exact variances between what has been sold and what stock has actually been consumed.

• We always double check possible miscounts along with possible missing invoices or deliveries to ensure 100 % accuracy.

• Our clients receive a range of different reports the same day as the stocktake is completed. These reports are the tools that empower our clients to address problem areas and issues that arise that impact their profit potential

• Our experience has shown that it can be extremely frustrating to discover that a business is not operating as efficiently as it could be. One of our experienced team will work with management to review reports and assist in understanding what might be causing some of the variances.

• We are always available to discuss any aspect of your stocktake reports and have worked closely with many of our clients to develop strategies and systems to address specific problems.