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We help maximise your returns and profits by reducing your loss due to unmonitored wastage.

We have a great introduction package for all clients that ensures the system works for you

You will bank more money without increasing spend on products. Bar-Pro Systems fees will be a fraction of the amount of savings that we will help create for your business.

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Stock shrinkage through staff theft and inconsistent pouring is the single largest risk to the profitability of a hospitality business.

If you don’t know what is missing, you can’t begin to identify the problem and fix it.

If you already do an internal stock take on a weekly basis, consider both the time this takes and the potential for substantial inaccuracies and human error.

Bar-Pro Systems have invested several hundred thousand dollars developing the hardware and software that our auditors use to measure and weigh each bottle and to produce accurate and comprehensive reports.

Dishonest staff have always had many methods and opportunities to take stock and money from hospitality business.

This can range from over pouring spirits in a friends drink through to stealing whole bottles. Regardless of the method of theft it will always be shown up by missing stock and be highlighted to you in your weekly Bar-Pro Systems reports.

Even honest staff can get lazy when it comes to pouring accurately and stock management.

By knowing the variances on every product you can zero in on the problem areas and address the issues with management and training.

Maintaining accurate and efficient stock levels is critical for a business to maximize its revenue and therefore its profits.

Minimising your staff’s time spent during the stock ordering process and getting your stock levels right helps you to manage cash flow and improve business efficiency.

Having an independent weekly stocktake is just good simple business practice.

You wouldn’t run your business for a week without balancing your till and you have a lot more capital tied up in your stock than you will ever have in your till

Peace of mind knowing your consumption of liquor stock is being accurately compared with what is sold – therefore achieving your potential revenue and profit.

The most accurate stocktaking system and reports available with a completely un-bias approach

We will work with you to reduce your stock shrinkage variance to under 2 %

You will know EXACTLY what is MISSING