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I have been working with Nathan Sleep and the team from Bar-Pro Systems for a few years and have found the system and team to be of exceptional value to our business.

Nathan provides an extremely high standard of professionalism matched with his industry experience his service is second to none. The value of having an independent company manage our stocktake has become paramount and Nathan’s operational understanding of how hospitality businesses work is incredibly valuable when we are discussing how to implement systems and procedures that help reduce our wastage and increase the bottom line net profit. The ease of mind to know that someone is dedicated to managing our stock control and working with us to reduce any variances is fantastic compared to relying on staff to do the count themselves.

Bar-Pro Systems is a company and service I would highly recommend for any business no matter how small or large.

Duncan Thomson - Ebenezer Coffee and Wine Bar

Britomart Hospitality have relied on BarPro related software and staff since 2009 for the purpose of our regular stocktake audits and period end inventory reporting. The BarPro reports now form an integral part of our operational ecosystem from a loss minimization and fraud identification perspective. The team at BarPro have a qualitative approach to stock and inventory management and are precise and pro-active with regards to finding a custom made solutions for their clients rather than just punching out the data. We continue to rely on BarPro extensively and I could not recommend them highly enough.

Johnny de Monchy - Director

BarPro Systems are an integral part of our business and have assisted us in maximising profits through tight stock control and invaluable advice in maintain margins through working with Management directly in problem areas. We have been delighted to have them as part of the team over the last 5 years.

ACE Entertainment

Peace of mind knowing your consumption of liquor stock is being accurately compared with what is sold – therefore achieving your potential revenue and profit.

The most accurate stocktaking system and reports available with a completely un-bias approach

We will work with you to reduce your stock shrinkage variance to under 2 %

You will know exactly whats missing

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